Customer Service Skills

Providing Telephone Customer Service - E-Learning

Can you hear a smile over the phone? When you're providing customer service over the phone – without the benefits of face-to-face interaction with your customer – it can be challenging to establish the right relationship for excellent service. Just like for face-to-face customer service, there are many techniques for service over the phone that can help you to consistently deliver the best customer service.

Rapport Building in Customer Service - E-Learning

Good customer service and strong customer relationships begin with building rapport. Building rapport requires knowing your customer, understanding their situation, and providing an empathetic ear for them to voice their concerns.  

In this course covers how to build rapport with customers by paying close attention to their needs, connecting with them, and being positive. You’ll also learn how to empathizing with customers by relating your own experiences, reflecting their emotions back to them, and normalizing their difficulties.  

Learning Objectives:

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