Team Effectiveness

Detecting & Dealing with Performance Problems - E-Learning

When you recognize performance problems early and diagnose them accurately, you can help turn them around and avoid serious consequences. Whatever their scope, frequency or magnitude, you must intervene early, involve the employee, and uncover the true root causes in order to find the best possible solution.  This course explains how you can detect, identify, and question problems in your workplace, and determine the impact when they occur. You will learn how to diagnose root causes, both external and internal, on your way to finding the best solution.

Developing a Successful Team - E-Learning

Anyone who has worked in a project or team environment will tell you that team dynamics make a huge difference in the working environment. Developing effective project teams is one of the primary responsibilities of a team leader. In this course, you’ll learn how to develop team culture by establishing team member competencies and working to improve team dynamics, along with methods used to encourage team participation and motivation, increasing team members’ commitment. 

Learning Objectives:

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