Entrepreneurial Skills

Choosing and Using the Best Solution - E-Learning

The time has come to make a final decision. In this course, you'll learn how to make smart decisions based on key criteria and decision-making styles. You'll also learn how to plan, manage, evaluate, and celebrate solution implementation.

Defining a Project Scope and Team - E-Learning

Prior to beginning any project - before you  plan the budget or create the schedule - you need to develop a clear vision for how and what the project will achieve. This involves clarifying what stakeholders expect to see in the end, all the tasks that will need to be carried out, resources you’ll need and who will be doing the work. 

Learning Objectives:

Getting Your Career on the Right Track - E-Learning

This course explores the options available when you’re trying to reach your career goals. You’ll discover how to make successful in-house job changes, and how to make lateral moves in the same company. You will learn approaches for creating and implementing an effective promotion plan, and learn best ways to ask for assignments to help move your career forward. 

Learning Objectives:

Unleashing Personal and Team Creativity - E-Learning

Believe it or not, everyone has the potential to be creative. If you're struggling to express your creativity then something is getting in the way. The good news is that these barriers can be overcome. At work, it can be especially difficult for individuals to express themselves freely and interact in teams. But with the right approach and techniques, team leaders can provide a safe space that allows everyone to share and contribute their ideas. This course describes personal barriers to creativity and how to overcome them. It provides strategies for enhancing creativity in the workplace.

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