Admissions Testing

Students may be required to complete an Admission Test once they have applied to the College.

Students will receive an email or call from Humber College to identify if and when an Admission Test needs to be completed. Students who receive this notice will be required to sign up for a session date via MyHumber. You will select a date and test time for the test which you need to complete.

  • How do you know if you need to complete an Admission Test? Log into your MyHumber profile and check your application status. Please ensure you print your admit to class form and bring it with you to the test session. This form shows the time and location of your test, and crucial information for you to review prior to testing.
  • What do I need to bring to the Test Centre on the day of my test?  Check out our Rules and Regulations!

Placement Testing

All students who have been accepted into a program at Humber College, who have not completed an Admissions Test, will have to complete a Placement Test. The Placement Test is done prior to the start of the semester and may consist of a writing sample, a math test or both. Students will be required to complete the Placement Test to gain access to their complete timetable, as some course placements depend on the score of this test.

What do I need to bring to the Test Centre on the day of my test?  Check out our Rules and Regulations!

How can I prepare for Admission/Placement Testing?

Check out the following resources to prepare for your test:

How can I register for Placement Testing?

Click here for more information on online and in-person placement testing.