Humber Earth Week is March 27 to 31!

Once again, the Office of Sustainability will be hosting various events at both North and Lakeshore campuses so we're looking for extra hands to help out with preparations and running events. If you are able to volunteer for a few hours, please email us at if you're interested.

Wondering how to get involved with the Office of Sustainability? There are a few ways: 

  • Subscribe to our mailing list where we send information about our events, and put calls out for volunteers
  • Contact us directly and ask a question
  • Depending on the semester and the number of interested students, there may be a student sustainability club. Contact HSF to find out if there is a club running this school year!

Sustainability at home

Whether you live on or off-campus, there are many ways you can make your footprint more sustainable. Please consider:

  • Making sure your windows are closed during the winter
  • Turning off your lights and computers when not in use
  • Keeping showers to a reasonable length of time: hot water creates a significant environmental footprint
  • Public transit, cycling and carpooling
  • Turn off lights and computers when not in use
  • Use the recycling system provided
  • Use the water fountains instead of buying bottled water. Most are equipped with bottle fillers so you can use your own reusable bottles

Contact us

Have a great idea or want to get more involved in the Office of Sustainability at Humber College? Contact us