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Humber's Centres of Excellence provides students with state-of-the-art learning environments to offer an unmatched experience.

digital broadcast centre

The Humber Digital Broadcast Centre

Canada's most advanced broadcast training facility for journalism and media studies and the home of Humber TV, Radio Humber and all newspaper, magazine and web production. Humber is the only GTA college to have a campus instructional license from the CRTC and a fully operating radio station, Radio Humber FM 96.9, which broadcasts 24/7 from our North Campus.


The Centre for Trades & Technology

Our specialized centre for skills and technology training with dedicated labs for construction, home renovation, plumbing, welding, electronics, woodworking and cabinetmaking, motors, controls, instrumentation and building systems. 95,000-square-foot training centre includes two framed townhomes, 12 practical and program-specific labs, 11 electronic classrooms, a student common area, and cafeteria.

centre of justice

Centre for Justice Leadership

Offering the latest technology-based learning environment for crime scene investigation, justice leadership and conflict resolution. The crime scene simulation lab allows for forensic processing in staged crime scenes including crime scene photography, collecting and properly protecting evidence. We have a 180-degree simulator, the first of its kind in Canada, to allow students to practice police pursuit driving and conflict resolution skills.

english centre

The English Language Centre

We have unique programs that satisfy the language needs of our multicultural students. Our programs are specifically created to help fulfill the various language needs of students who wish to pursue academic programs at the college or university level, develop their English expertise for job advancement, increase their comfort level with spoken English, or teach English either in Canada or internationally.

culinary centre

The Canadian Centre of Culinary Arts & Science

We are home to Canada's new Master Chef designation, the Ontario Wine Education Centre and the Ontario Cook Apprentice Training Centre. Students learn in the most advanced teaching kitchens in North America with induction-cooking technology, compression-operated refrigeration and energy-efficient ventilated ceiling systems. Our labs are equipped with gas ranges, combi-ovens, specialized baking equipment and more.


The Humber Recording Studio

The first studio in Canada designed to be both a full recording studio and a classroom with more than 50 pianos and a 'Duality' hybrid audio console. The studio has six classrooms, 31 practice rooms and studios, 28 computer/MIDI workstations with the Latest Logic, Cubase, Protools, Sibelius software and world-calibre recording engineers who teach the production-oriented courses.

centre for urban

The Centre for Urban Ecology

A Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) gold-certified building dedicated to environmental research and sustainability. Situated on rolling parkland by the banks of the Humber River. A model of environmental sustainability where students learn and promote ecological stewardship. Has a "green" roof to collect storm water and bio-filter sewage and grey water system. Uses passive solar heat sources, energy recovery super-insulation and a natural cooling system that eliminates the need for air conditioning.

health science

Health Sciences Clinical Simulation Lab

Health Sciences students learn in a risk-free simulated clinical environment. Five labs with 36 beds that simulate hospital in-patient rooms and a critical care lab. 20 adult, pediatric and infant programmable simulation mannequins used to assess clinical situations and respond with IV insertion tubes, medication and oxygen delivery procedures. Equipped with video and audio recording for student evaluation and learning.

health and wellness

Humber Centre for Healthy Living

Fitness, nutrition, culinary, health and wellness, and athletics facilities combine to provide a total approach to healthy lifestyle training. A fully equipped spa, three gymnasiums, cardio centre, performance and injury care facilities. Three varsity gyms, cardio and weight training centre, swimming pool and two group exercise studios. High performance and exercise prescription teaching labs. A dedicated Massage Therapy Teaching and Learning Clinic.

idi centre

International Development Institute

Built on more than 25 years of international development experience undertaken by Humber in countries including Botswana, Bhutan, Ukraine and Swaziland. Works in close collaboration with Humber's International Development degree and postgraduate programs to bridge development theory and practice. Provides intensive skills development training workshops for professionals in the industry. Manages a variety of development projects and international internships. Carries out applied research and organizes conferences and symposia.


Humber Fashion Institute

Unique and focused educational courses and related programs for students pursuing studies in Fashion Business Management, including degrees and diplomas. A retail store-front window facing Lake Shore Blvd. West, designed exclusively by students. Studios and classrooms that support learning about visual merchandising, store planning, colour theory, fashion and history.