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Humber is creating a network of multidisciplinary Centres of Innovation (COIs) 
to help businesses and communities succeed and grow.

Our COIs will be innovation catalysts, solving real-world problems, accelerating new concepts, developing new applications and preparing our graduates to drive progress and performance in an era of unprecedented change.

Centres of Innovation Network

For more than 50 years Humber has been a leader in polytechnic education, graduating independent thinkers with practical skills and hands-on work experience. Now we’re taking creative problem-solving to the next level.

The COI Concept

Humber's COI network will bring together talented people with the insight, imagination and skills to put ideas into action.

We are collaborating in exciting new ways, bringing a unique perspective to challenges and opportunities. Our COI teams will examine problems from many different angles, leveraging their diverse backgrounds and industry expertise to disrupt traditional thinking and design creative, user-centred solutions.

Humber's COIs are focused in five areas of proven strength and industry sector growth:

  • Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation
  • Centre for Creative Business Innovation
  • Centre of Innovation in Health & Wellness
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • Centre for Social Innovation

Innovation Ecosystem

Our COI network will bridge the gap between innovation and application, concepts and commercialization.

Several best-in-class buildings will strengthen our innovation ecosystem, providing flexible, technology-enabled spaces for exploring, learning, making and knowledge-sharing.

Supported by exceptional resources:

  • Six faculties, each with a specialized focus
  • Expertise in more than 180 program areas
  • 11 Centres of Excellence
  • Office of Applied Research & Innovation

The chart shows how the COI concept works in an interconnected way. The COI Network, connects outward to Academic Faculties along with Applied Research and Innovation to support the five Centres of Innovation.

Empowering Innovation

Focused, responsive and talented, our COI teams will deliver meaningful change with measurable outcomes and tangible impact.

coi concept

Customized Project Teams

A single point of contact makes it easy to access the extensive resources of our COIs. Each initiative will be led by a hand-selected team of faculty, students and industry experts with the right blend of knowledge and industry-relevant experience to deliver results.

Creating Value

We strengthen communities by:

  • Maximizing the economic, social and ecological impact of great ideas
  • Innovating products and services that improve lives
  • Developing highly-skilled problem-solvers to improve productivity and growth
  • Building strong, mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement

We support businesses by providing:

  • State-of-the-art R&D facilities, equipment and technical resources
  • Expert faculty advisors with well-established records of success
  • A pipeline of skilled, innovation-ready talent for hire
  • A business-friendly IP policy
  • Opportunities to access grant funds and other sources of capital
  • Unbiased evaluations of new technologies
  • Customized skills training
  • Opportunities to showcase products and services
  • A nimble response to rapid change
  • Competitive advantages in global markets


We are mobilizing the creative power of next-generation innovators and problem-solvers

Join us in shaping the future

Our partners include:

  • The Barrett Family Foundation
  • Cisco Systems Canada Co.
  • Universal Music Canada
  • Siemens Canada
  • BioSteel
  • 416 Automation
  • Longos
  • Crystal Fountains
  • William Osler Health System
  • Roxul Inc.
  • Manulife
  • HarperCollins Publishers

  • Xerox
  • Heart & Stroke Foundation
  • Cisco
  • DMG Mori
  • Festo
  • Kuka
  • Rockwell Automation
  • SEW Eurodrive
  • SICK Sensor Intelligence
  • Cimetrex

To make a contribution or to learn more about Humber Centres of Innovation, please contact:

Darren Lawless, Ph.D.
Dean, Applied Research & Innovation
Humber College

416-675-6622 ext. 4525
Cell: 289-838-5330



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