Thank you very much for discussing career options with me this afternoon. Your analysis, information, and encouragement are great support for me. It's a pleasure talking to you. Besides, I was deeply impressed by the endearing atmosphere of Humber Campus. - X. Zhu

I really enjoyed and learned a lot today, and more important - got my self confidence back. - O. Naim

I thank you for your help, your advice, and good wishes. Just letting you, know, that people like you, makes the difference in an individual's dreams of continuing their studies. Again, thank you very much. - Ana O.

It was nice meeting you today. I like to thank you for your time and guidance regarding the Programs in your College and suggestions on how to achieve them. The discussion was very useful and is going to help me in choosing the best Program for myself. This is going to help me in the long run… - M. Bhagat

Thank you! I really didn't even know where to start...! - Liz

I did not know what to do when I was looking for a job as an electrician. Finally I found Skills for Change who is helping us to get a license through Humber College. I got help to find a job from job developers. Initially I also had a problem with reading a codebook but now I am able to read and do the job without anybody´s support. - P.K.

It helped me a lot. I have just got answers to all my questions and I recommend these services. - Grewal R