The Centre for Teaching & Learning is dedicated to the development and enhancement of teaching and learning practices across the institution.

We are both proud and excited to offer a forum for the sharing of information; to energize and mobilize innovative teaching practices; and to support the vision and mission of Humber as a leader in “excellence in polytechnic education”.

We invite you to explore some of the new development opportunities available to you and encourage you to make requests and provide suggestions on meaningful topics related to teaching and learning.

Individual Consultation on Teaching and Learning

CLT's Directors and colleagues are willing to arrange individual consultations on issues related to teaching and learning. Confidential advice and support is available.

Professional Development

We strive to improve our already talented body of faculty with further educational abilities and merits. Although perhaps no longer students, a teacher is never done learning.

Calendar of Events

Teaching Resources

Presented by the Professional Development department, teaching methods are available to all Humber faculty in areas such as course development, classroom strategies and management and professional practice.

eLearning Solutions

The eLearning department has a huge role in building online opportunities for both teachers and students, and further establishes the innovative and polytechnic education Humber has become known for.

Technology Training

Through the studio, the Humber Centre for Teaching and Learning offers training, sessions, webinars and support for all faculty throughout the school year.