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Stop, Start, Continue

Props/Prep: Yes

Time: 5 min.

Audience: Any

Physical: No

Activity: This activity can be used for many different reasons, but is most often used for teachers to gain feedback about classroom methods and student feedback.  This is often most effective about halfway through a semester when students have had several weeks to become familiar with delivery methods used in the classroom.  It is anonymous, and quick.   

Time Requirements:  5 minutes.   

Materials needed:  You will need to make copies of the template provided, OR just have the student take out a piece of paper and pen.  You can write the categories on the white board if you don’t want to make photo copies. 

Procedure:  Hand out the template (see second page), one to each student.  Read directions.  Students should write down their thoughts in all three categories.  Once they have completed the survey, have them hand it in.  An effective way to do this is at the end of class.  Students can hand it in on the way out the door.  The three categories are: STOP, START, and CONTINUE. 

  • STOP = what the students wish would stop in class… this can be something you do, or something other students are doing. 
  • START = something the students would like you to start doing in class or something they would like to do themselves in class. 
  • CONTINUE = things that are already happening in class that the students wish to continue.    

Function in Class:  This activity does several things.  First, teachers gain valuable feedback about their teaching methods.  Second, teachers can gain insight into a specific group of students and how they prefer to learn and have material presented.  Lastly, this activity makes a statement to students about their interest and input into the way the content is delivered.  They feel valued, especially if they see changes made based on their suggestions.    



Please take a few minutes to write down your thoughts for each category. 

STOP = What you wish would stop in class.  This can be something the teacher is doing, or something other students are doing. 

START = Something you would like the teacher to start doing in class or something you would like to do yourself in class. 

CONTINUE = Things that are already happening in class that you wish to continue.