Developing Rubrics – Are students not meeting your expectations?  Are you getting carpal tunnel syndrome from writing the same comments on almost every student paper?  Do you wonder about whether your grading scales are different from your colleagues?  Are students starting to regard you as an enemy out to trick them with incomprehensible assignments?

Find out how rubrics can set you on the path to addressing these and many other common concerns.

Discussion Evaluation Form

The form conveys to students the characteristics of effective discussion. It could be given to students before group discussion to help guide their participation, and used following discussion to evaluate the discussion.

Introduction to Rubrics

Are you unfamiliar with using rubrics for student assessment? This printable PDF outlines the basics of using rubrics.

Rubric Sample for Vessel 1

Sample evaluation sheet.

RubiStar Home

A free tool to help teachers create quality rubrics

Rubrics and Rubric Makers

Rubrics making grading quicker, clearer and more objective.

Rubrics for college the easy steps way

Susan Liberman, Humber Business School, shares her Rubrics for College - the easy steps way.

Creating your rubrics

A collection of rubrics for a variety of assessments.

Authentic Assessment Toolbox - Rubrics

Includes descriptors, levels of performance, and analytic versus holistic rubrics by Jon Mueller, Professor of Psychology, North Central College.

Authentic Assessment Toolbox - Terms

Definitions of every term you will need to know concerning rubrics by John Mueller, Professor of Psychology, North Central College.

The Basics of Rubrics

View a concise overview of the basics of rubrics by Penn States Schreyer Institute.

Assessment Using Rubrics

Discover many resources for creating and using instructional rubrics.

Rubric Sample for Final Presentation

Evaluation Guidelines Chart for Final Presentation.

Rubric Construction Set

Complete the following form to construct your online evaluation Rubric

Sample for Learning Journal Synthesis Evaluation Sheet

A sample of a learning journal synthesis evaluation sheet.

Rubric Sample for Self-Evaluation Sheet

A sample of a self-evaluation sheet.

Understanding Rubrics

A rubric is a scoring tool that lays out specific expectations for an assignment, either written or oral.