Even experienced faculty feel some nervousness on Day 1.  It is helpful to have a checklist of objectives to accomplish so that you and your students come away with a sense that the course of off to a good start. Use these resources to cover all of your Day 1 bases.

Day 1 Checklist

Having a check-list to help guide your preparation for your first day can be very helpful.

First Day of Class Checklist

The first day of class, both students and teachers can experience a wide range of emotions including excitement and stress. Make the best of the first day experience by incorporating just a few best practices. See Checklist attached.

Make the Most of the First Day of Class

Carnegie Mellon University has complied and adapted some research to present this succinct, easy to use resource.

Welcome Package

In this document, you will find important information on our weekly course activities, policies, tips for success, and lots more. Keep it at the front of your course binder for easy reference throughout the semester!