Teaching International Students – Canada is a society of immigrants. Changing demographics have transformed the student population. These changes have created new opportunities for development.  What are the implications of such profound social and demographic changes for teaching and learning? How do we adapt curricula and teaching approaches to reflect the diversity present in our classrooms?

The following resources will aid faculty in adapting and expanding their practice to support all students including international students.

Introduction to Teaching International Students

The Global Classroom

International Approaches to Secondary Education

The purpose of this paper is to consider what Canada could learn from other countries with high secondary school graduation rates.

Students May Have Difficulty Reading Course Material

International Students May Have Difficulty Reading Course Material and Taking Class Notes. The following video demonstrates a number of strategies that faculty can use to support all students.

Addressing Missed Due Dates, Tests or Exams

Different cultures have different perspectives on time. This video will help educators address the importance of due dates, tests and exams and present strategies should they face challenges with miscommunication.


To many international students, Plagiarism is a very unfamiliar concept. Professor Daniel Hambly is purposeful in his approach and teaches students about plagiarism throughout all of his history courses.

Academic Integrity

Strategies on how to prevent incidents of academic dishonesty.

Attendance and Lateness for Class

Four Strategies to Engage the Multicultural Classroom

Dr. Christine A. Stanley and Dr. Matthew Ouellett provide a comprehensive model for working with diversity issues. View the recording of the webinar to discover why diversity is the future, and the future won't wait.

International Centre: Student Resources

Humber’s International Centre has developed a resource to help international students overcome their fears and achieve academic success at Humber. This friendly and easy to navigate site is jam-packed with tips and tricks to help students organize, plan and prepare for all types of assignments and exams.