Many factors are involved when assessing whether or not the intended learning has taken place.  While writing and creating content specific evaluation critieria, other methods and criteria can also be utilized to assess meaningful learning.  This criteria can range from specific knowledge, skills and attitudes as related to course content to the employability skills required in industry or professional governing bodies. Other classroom assessment techniques (CATs) or formative assessments can be utilized to promote clarity, evaluate student learning and reinforce meaningful course content.

Continuous assessment and feedback is an imperative component of the learning process.  Students must be given the opportunity to monitor their progress throughout the term and have access to multiple differentiated authentic assessment strategies.   

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Classroom Assessment Techniques

Classroom assessment techniques give you and your students helpful feedback on the teaching and learning process.

Test & Exam Questions

Tip Sheet: The Do's and Don'ts of Building Tests

Your cheat sheet for writing effective tests that challenge and promote learning for your students.

Tip Sheet: Stress and Testing

The real goal of classroom assessments is to improve student performance, not merely to audit it.

Improving Your Test Questions

The University of Illinois provides some added considerations in the creation of assessment tools.

How to Prepare Students for Exams

Research has shown that many students have not been taught formal study techniques. They pick up advice about studying, here and there, as they progress through various levels of schooling.

Authentic Assessment

Faculty are always looking for ways to improve student learning. Authentic Assessment strategies can make a big difference in the learning process and learning experience. This site provides some ideas on how to incorporate Authentic Assessment Practices into courses.

Why Students Gripe About Grades

This article, written by Cathy Davidson (Inside Higher Ed), discusses the challenges that educators can face when grading students.