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How to Apply the Alumni Discount

Welcome Humber Alumni

We are pleased that you are taking advantage of one of the many Humber Alumni perks with this Continuous Professional Learning promotional offer.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to apply the Alumni discount to one of the select CPL Rapid Skills courses.

How to Apply the Alumni Discount Overview Video

Applying the Alumni Discount Demo

A short video that walks you, the alumni through a step-by-step of how to apply your alumni discount.

First, you will need to visit or access the Humber Alumni Connect app in your app store. You must have a registered and verified account to access the Continuous Professional Learning promo code.

Humber alumni connect homepage

Once you have noted the promo code, return to the list of applicable CPL courses on this Humber Alumni CPL Offer page.

Humber Alumni CPL Offer page with a red box highlighting the course list

Once you have decided on the course that you wish to take, open the course drawer and select the register button to choose date and time. Keep in mind that in order to use this offer, the course must be completed by December 31st 2022.

Course drawer with a red box highlighting the register button

Once you have selected the date and time, you will see the checkout cart showing your selected course and fees table. There is an option under Fees for "Apply a Discount". Select this box and enter the promo code that you received from the Humber Alumni Connect website or app.

check out cart page with a red box highlighting the apply discount box

Click Checkout and the total will update, showing the discount applied. You will see the discount savings in red, next to the Apply a Discount title, and it will also be reflected in the total.

check out cart page with a red box highlighting the discount code that was applied and the total amount

Click checkout again to move on to the next step.

You will receive a prompt to log in as a Returning Humber User. You can log in to your account by choosing the Continue button under the "I have Humber login credentials" section.

log in or create an account page highlighting the "I have a humber login credentials" section

Enter your Humber Account Username and Password here.

humber sign in page with a red box highlighting the username and password fields

If you do not know your Username and Password, select either the Forgot username or Forgot password. You will be required to fill out the form and submit. Humber ITS will send you an email with further details.

Once you have received your login credentials, return to the login screen to continue.

humber sign in page with a red box highlighting the forgot username and password buttonsHumber username assistance page

Any existing Humber account that was created prior to September 2021, will be taken to a screen where you are asked to provide your Social Insurance Number. You can choose to provide this information, or select the question mark icon to learn more, or select Learner declines to provide Social Security Number. Once you are satisfied with your entry, select Continue Checkout.

My profile page with a red box highlighting the personal information section

Once you have finished logging in and updating your information where necessary, you will be able to complete the payment process.

On the first screen, you will be prompted with your Profile Summary and Cart details. Please confirm that all of the information displayed is correct before proceeding. If all information is correct, agree to the Policy Confirmation by selecting "I understand, and agree to, Humber College's Fee Rules, Academic Regulations and Student Code of Conduct" then press Continue Checkout.

payment page with a red box highlighting the profile summary section, policy confirmation check box and the continue checkout button

To complete the process, enter your payment details and select Checkout. You will then be transported to your receipt page and have everything in place to get ready to start your course!

For more details on the alumni discount or to get started, visit

credit card payment page with a red box highlighting all of the credit card fields that need to be filled in.