Introduction to Advertising

Course Code: AAM 5000

Academic Year: 2021-2022

This course provides an overview of advertising, including the structure of an agency, roles and functions, how agencies earn money, key milestones in the historical development of advertising and recent developments. The course also focuses on the forces contributing to the development of the modern advertising agency; the elements of advertising campaigns; the structure of an agency and who does what; advertising media; recent industry developments; and the role of advertising in society. There will be a strong focus on the link to sales targets and return on investment (ROI), including the importance of linking creative and client objectives. This course will also review how the advertising industry regulates itself. A review of key issues, including topics such as privacy rules, copyright issues, marketing to minors and truth in advertising, will be investigated. This will include a review from the Advertising Standards Council (ASC) ( and the Institute of Communications Agencies (ICA) ( Individual assignments and group projects will have two goals: to build a critical awareness of the rhetoric of advertising and to put into practice the students' understanding of the industry. A variety of teaching methods, such as lecture with case studies, guest speakers and team presentations, will be utilized.