Introduction to Marketing

Course Code: AAM 5020

Academic Year: 2023-2024

Case studies will help to reveal how marketing opportunities are uncovered by a close examination of how people behave and how people can identify their needs and then satisfy those needs. This course provides an overview as well as a foundation for further studies of all aspects of marketing as practised today both domestically and internationally. The course focuses on developing competencies in understanding the business environment and applying the tools and techniques of marketing research and analysis to develop effective marketing strategies. Legal, social, cultural and other elements of the marketing environment are considered in cases requiring research of current materials and practical application of course studies. Product, price, promotion and distribution frameworks are examined both as separate and integrated subsets of the marketing mix within strategies oriented toward satisfying consumer wants and needs to achieve organizational objectives. In addition to understanding why people buy things, this course will use case study and research methods to examine how products, services and consumption activities all contribute to a broader social world. This course will examine strategies, techniques and applications using qualitative research in advertising.