Introduction to Income Tax

Course Code: ACCT 203

Academic Year: 2023-2024

This course provides a study of current Canadian income tax policies, rules and legislation as they relate to the taxation of individuals. Using exercises, problems, cases and tax preparation software, students will apply basic knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of income taxation that impact individuals. Students will also obtain practical experience by applying knowledge from this and previous courses in preparing tax returns, using the publisher-supplied software PROFILE T1. In addition, students will also be required to interpret the returns and make decisions concerning required adjustments to the returns. One of the major aims of this course is to ensure that students achieve a sound understanding of the principles and concepts of the Canadian Income Tax Act, which goes beyond the mere preparation of individual tax returns.Please note that students who choose to take an online section of this course must write the final exam in person, at either the Humber North or Lakeshore campus, or, if located more than 100km from the campus, through an approved proctoring facility. Any costs associated with this are the sole responsibility of the student.