Indigenous Perspectives in Addictions and Mental Health

Course Code: ADMH 2530

Academic Year: 2021-2022

In this course, students develop awareness of, explore and consider Indigenous, historical and contemporary perspectives from Indigenous worldviews. Comprehensive awareness of cultural and ideological positioning and the systemic issues confronting Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians is essential in the field of addictions and mental health. It is incumbent on Addictions and Mental Health Workers ethically and professionally, to assess in an ongoing way, the systemic socio-political, economic disruption and interference in daily life. For those who seek or are required to engage help from addictions and mental health workers this knowledge on the part of these workers is an essential requirement to work in the field of addictions and 'mental' health. Course instruction is informed by, and rooted in, an Indigenous knowledge and educational process regarding Indigenous holistic health and wellness. Class is conducted within a circle format, applying it as method and process. This will include an opening and a closing smudging ceremony. The process of the circle is the frame and content of the methodology introduced. A holistic health and wellness approach is the key component explored and experienced to shift and up-root and cause one to move away from stereotypical responses to Native and Non-Native relations, politically, socio-economic and educational as they pertain to the challenges involved in engaging Indigenous wellness.