Senior Level Thesis Project

Course Code: ADMH 4520

Academic Year: 2021-2022

This is the second of two courses in which students apply and integrate their skills and knowledge in the creation of a capstone addictions and mental health project. Students undertake a research project approved by their faculty advisor and the Ethical Review Board. A minimum of two participatory methods/techniques are used in the implementation of the study. Collaborative relationships with addictions and mental health stakeholders are fostered to ensure the research is meaningful and centered in addiction and mental health practices. Data is collected, analyzed and interpreted with consideration given to building upon current theories and practices in the field or offering new ideas that promote innovation in the sector. Students write a scholarly research paper summarizing research findings and discussing potential impacts on addictions and mental health practice. Limitations to the work and findings are identified and recommendations for future directions noted. Community partners and peers are invited to assess the student work and outcomes.