Design Technology

Course Code: ADV 2002

Academic Year: 2022-2023

Although the "digital revolution" has been with us for almost 15 years and is quickly becoming part of the history of design, it is probably the most important change to effect the creative process in the commercial world since commerce recognized the importance of art in the promotion of products and services. In this course, students study the implications of the use of computers on the creative process and discover how it has changed the perceived value of what designers and art directors do. Students explore some of the myths that exist within the non-creative community, enabling them to better communicate with sponsors and clients who buy creative services. It will also enable a better understanding of how creatives work, thereby keeping technology in its place by preventing the "tail wagging the dog." By analyzing the analogue vs. digital experience and examining the marked difference between proportional versus absolute ways in which data is input into computer applications, students gain insight into the fundamental building blocks on which current and future technology is built. In the final analysis, this course provides a foundation that enables students to work comfortably in an ever-changing environment of which we have only seen a very small part.