Creative Thinking 1

Course Code: ADV 2004

Academic Year: 2022-2023

In this course, students examine the role of digital technology as a production tool within the context of the advertising industry. Through lectures, demonstrations, readings and hands-on evaluations, students will become familiar with industry-standard practices for the final output of digital files ready for traditional ink on paper printing and small- and large-scale digital printing. The issue of spot v. process colour printing will be examined in detail, including the limitations of available colours in the process colour environment compared to those in HSB (the world around us) and RGB (computer monitors). Students will become familiar with current trends in halftone reproduction and examine the potential of emerging technologies, which may in the future change the way halftones are created. The issue of font management and the way fonts relate and link to page description document, in particular, will be examined. The use of both bitmap and vector imaging will be studied particularly in relation to text and generally in relation to imaging. Students will also become familiar with industry standard practices for the preparation of text for use in a digital environment.