Specialized Voice and Movement Skills

Course Code: AFTV 205

Academic Year: 2023-2024

The focus of this course is on some of the specialized skills which may be required by the film and television performer in order to make a living in the industry. It builds on the foundation provided by AFTV 101 Introduction to Voice and Movement and AFTV 201 Advanced Voice and Movement. Specialized areas of both physical and vocal expertise are explored, depending on the needs and strengths of the class:Specialized Voice SkillsVocal characterizations and dialect acquisition is emphasized. The technical demands of recorded voice-over, animation and cartoon voices, narration and radio drama are explored.Specialized Movement SkillsCombat: Students learn essential combat skills, including unarmed combat, weapons handling and resultant health and safety issues. Social dance is included to develop musicality, grace and an understanding of the differing physical requirements of costume and era.