Equity and Pluralism in Arts and Culture

Course Code: ARTC 5200

Academic Year: 2023-2024

This course provides an environment for students to examine the importance of representation in Canadian society and its implications for arts organizations and the development, promotion and consumption of cultural productions. Students will be provided with opportunities to assess the role that culture plays in the lives of dominant and subordinated communities and how, in this capacity, culture plays a critical role in shaping Canadian society both in terms of its image and its values. Students are also able to develop an appreciation of the importance of equity and diversity challenges to the norms within Canadian cultural values and institutions, as well as what is being done to advance these challenges. Finally, students will be able to develop the critical tools to assess the values, principles and policies of arts organizations as well as strategies aimed at changing these organizations so that they are non-discriminatory, and inclusive of perspectives from diverse communities.