Confectionery Techniques

Course Code: BAKE 251

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course is divided into two areas of concentration: chocolate art and sugar art. The first component provides students with a working knowledge and demonstrates the procedures for tempering chocolate in order to produce a small showpiece. Identifying and applying techniques learned to produce a variety of confectionery including but not limited to molded and hand-dipped bonbons and gelees. Cocoa painting will be explored as a different way of adding contrast to any type of celebratory or themed piece. The second component provides students with the basic fundamentals and working knowledge of sugar cookery. The art of sugar blowing, pulling and casting will be explored. The principles and techniques of sugar art will be applied in producing flowers, baskets, ribbons and leaves in producing a small showpiece. A portfolio will be prepared consisting of recipes, recipe methods and photos of the student's work