Fundamentals of User Experience Design

Course Code: BDES 1001

Academic Year: 2021-2022

Every digital interface we use has been designed either to solve a particular problem or to make people's lives easier, more efficient, or more pleasurable. User Experience (UX) designers research, prototype, test, refine and evolve these interfaces based on user needs, focusing not just on how products look, but how they work on behalf of their users. This course introduces students to the broad field of User Experience (UX) design, including the fundamental tools, methods and techniques used by designers in daily practice on a wide variety of product types. Working hands-on with personas, journey maps, wireframes and similar UX deliverables, students identify the value and purpose of UX deliverables in the context of projects. Students are introduced to UX design process, and apply user-centered and human-centered design approaches to problems, focusing on user needs and expectations in order to design meaningful digital experiences. In addition, students apply widely accepted usability guidelines to their design work, to their products are not only useful, but also usable.