Capstone Project Definition

Course Code: BDES 4000

Academic Year: 2020-2021

This course is the first of two capstone project courses in which students find a worthy topic to investigate and make discoveries for a chosen client. As agents of change, students apply design thinking to business objectives using the skills gained over the first three years of the program in human-centred design research, collaborative insight generation, and narrative description, and informed by trends in service and branding. They illuminate current scenarios and design an innovation to shape new scenarios with the goal of creating worthwhile outcomes that improve human experiences. They investigate the work of others in the design community-at-large to multiply ideas and in some cases, to seek relevant opportunities to learn from, partner with and/or contribute to external initiatives. They may be involved in redesigning an existing service or imagining a totally new service. Projects are defined based on human problems, rather than technological problems, even though solutions will include both digital and physical experiences. Worthy innovation projects may fall within the context of a variety of domains: health care, retail, social services, transportation, tourism, customer service, technical support, or others.