Rhetoric, Persuasion, Influence

Course Code: BDES 4002

Academic Year: 2020-2021

In this course, students discover and practice purposeful and informed discussion, argument and negotiating in a range of contexts. Today's professional designers are called upon to be expert communicators and facilitators, able to undertake and use empathic research to advance design solution to pressing problems, in the age of unlimited connectivity and possibility. They harness and sort through varied voices, experiences and perspectives from myriad disciplines, they engage with diverse ways of thinking and help focus a range of ideas on a specific problem and a set of constraints in order to find an original and sustainable solution. Once a solution is found, collaboration continues to be critical in turning ideas into a reality. This course advances student-designers understanding of the role of formal argument as a valuable and practical communication methodology for gathering and organizing relevant information from a range of perspectives, for presenting convincing evidence in support of a central idea or claim and for putting forward a pattern of reasoning to support a conclusion appropriate to its intended audience.