Capstone Project Implementation

Course Code: BDES 4500

Academic Year: 2021-2022

This course is the second of two capstone project courses, in which students collaboratively implement innovation projects in response to their investigations and discoveries for a chosen client. As agents of change, teams apply user-centred principles to construct a new world of distributed services and functionality where the outcome is an enhanced environment rather than a single product. They work together and individually to integrate business objectives and perspectives of client, their customers and suppliers to create extendable service environments that improve human experiences. They reach beyond their current educational and corporate partners through connective technology to engage with the international design community to share experiences and best practices asking: what has already been tried, what lessons are available, where should we take this next? Projects are implemented based on human problems, rather than technological problems, even though solutions will include both digital and physical experiences. Worthy innovation projects may fall within the context of a variety of domains: health care, retail, social services, transportation, tourism, customer service, technical support, or others. In addition, students plan and deliver a design exhibition to showcase the work of their teams for an audience of interested professionals and the public.