Labour Economics

Course Code: BECN 300

Academic Year: 2023-2024

This course provides the theoretical framework for understanding the structure and conduct of Canadian labour markets. It covers the dimensions of labour supply, labour demand and their interaction in alternative market structures to explain levels of wages, employment and various employer/employee behaviours. The course reviews labour legislation, labour market data and important trends that affect organizational, individual and government decision-making. The impact of unions, education levels and training on wage rate differentials and employment determination is also discussed. The course considers ongoing trends, including alternative work arrangements, the growth of the contingent workforce and outsourcing.Please note that students who choose to take an online section of this course must write the final exam in person, at either the Humber North or Lakeshore campus, or, if located more than 100km from the campus, through an approved proctoring facility. Any costs associated with this are the sole responsibility of the student.