Film Studies 2: Canadian Film and Media

Course Code: BFMP 2002

Academic Year: 2020-2021

What is Canadian Cinema and how do we define it? This course explores iterations of Canadian Cinema from production to distribution to exhibition. Through analysis of prominent film such as Incendies, world renowned film festivals such as the Toronto International Film Festival and the government intervention on cinema through organizations such as the National Film Board of Canada, students investigate the multiple facets of creating and/or recreating a national identity. Students evaluate different aspects of the Canadian film industry such as Indigenous Film, Experimental Film and Quebecois Cinema and interrogate whether an overarching sense of national cinema exists. Students confront issues of nationalism from a critical lens and connect their own work to a larger history of ground breaking, innovative and quintessentially "Canadian" cinema. Students are exposed to various different grant offerings and Film Festivals in Canada and investigate strategies for writing a successful proposal.