Senior Level Thesis Project 1

Course Code: BHSC 4002

Academic Year: 2023-2024

Senior Level Thesis Project 1 is the first of two courses providing students with an opportunity to integrate and apply their skills and knowledge in Behavioural Science developed through study and experiential learning. Over the course of the two senior level courses, students research a topic relevant to clinical work and/or research in the field and develop a comprehensive thesis. The thesis may involve primary and/or secondary research and may be related to their practicum experience or may be in another area of Behavioural Science. Students meet in small groups guided by faculty, to design, research, critique and share their work. A proposal will be submitted to and approved by, the supervising college faculty. The first draft of the project will be completed in Part 1. The project is completed in Senior Level Thesis Project 2 in the final semester of the BBS program.