Working in Health and Wellness

Course Code: BHSW 1002

Academic Year: 2020-2021

In this course students are introduced to Canadian healthcare and public health roles in protecting health and preventing injury and disease for individuals and populations. Functions and mandates of world, federal, provincial, and municipal agencies and ministries as well as private insurers are outlined. The core knowledge, skills, and behaviours of key health professions are discussed with respect to foundational healthcare, prevention, and health and wellness principles: confidentiality, patient safety, ethics and autonomy, communication, social justice, leadership, interprofessional education and collaboration. Using evidence- informed decision making, students will analyze and apply problem-solving skills to two 'lived experiences' within the Ontario healthcare system. Students will also investigate the impact of healthcare and health promotion professions on the health and wellness of citizens, appreciating the variety of such initiatives within the Ontario healthcare and public health systems.