Ethical and Legal Issues in Workplace Health & Wellness

Course Code: BHSW 3502

Academic Year: 2020-2021

Health and wellness are values to be embraced and cultivated, both individually and collectively, however the defining elements of both will vary widely, as will the extent, and the means, by which the individual, government, or the workplace ought to promote these values. This course equips students to understand various philosophical, psychological, biological, and sociological concepts and determinants of health and wellness, to uncover the myriad ethical theories underpinning, or embedded in these concepts, and to recognize the legal limits of promoting workplace wellness programs. Students are able to identify key ethical issues at play in the creation, administration, and maintenance of workplace wellness programs, including autonomy, paternalism, privacy, protection of health information, and self-responsibility as they relate to employee's and employer's duty of care. The Ontario Ministry of Labour's Employment Standards and Integrated Strategy for Workplace Health and Safety are examined. The principles of respect for persons, justice and beneficence are emphasized. Such knowledge informs the creation of morally and legally sound workplace wellness programs and their evaluation.