Consumer Credit

Course Code: BMFS 205

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course provides a marketing overview, with a focus on financial services. It follows a three-pronged approach. This introductory course examines how marketing is practised in Canadian business today. It will explore the purpose and fundamentals of marketing, describe environmental forces, explain how target customers are identified and describe the process of market segmentation and positioning. Understanding consumer behaviour, how and why consumers make purchase decisions, what influences their behaviour and what service features and benefits they are looking for allows financial service managers to offer appropriate help and solutions to create value for their clients. Whether the firm is a large multinational or a small, locally owned and operated business, quality customer service is key. This course will provide a strong managerial orientation and integrated strategic focus to better prepare students to determine and respond to clients' financial needs. Various conceptual frameworks and real-life case examples link theory to practice.