Introduction to Business

Course Code: BMGT 100

Academic Year: 2022-2023

Students enrolled in this course are assigned the role of business manager, and are responsible for acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary for success in business. Students will participate in a business simulation where they will experience the challenges of managing a small business in a competitive environment. Throughout the simulation, students will examine what managers do to establish and achieve business goals, and the interrelationship between functional areas within the organization. Beyond business concepts, students will develop an important foundation of professional behaviours necessary to manage their own success. Students will grow their confidence and ability to work effectively in groups, take ownership of their learning, manage their time, practice effective communication skills, and develop and deliver purposeful business presentations. The essential business skills, knowledge, and behaviours developed throughout this course will establish the foundation of future academic success, while preparing students for the professional demands of a career in business.