Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Course Code: CIVL 319

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course is an introduction to the concepts, components, applications and software that combine to make a powerful engineering tool. GIS is often described as intelligent mapping. It allows users to easily generate up-to-date and professional maps and presentations that can link to an unlimited amount of data and intelligence in digital format. The maps can be updated easily and can display analyses of the background data in a wide variety of styles. Finding the best route for a new highway, where to locate a new restaurant, the best location for a sewage treatment facility, asset management, tracking pollution, routing for emergency vehicles or analyzing drainage patterns are all typical projects that can be easily tackled using GIS. This course enables students to become familiar with the tools and data files used to create themes, databases and maps. The projects undertaken relate to current civil and environmental issues. ArcGIS V10 by ESRI are used to explore the software methods and capabilities.