Inclusive Community Practices

Course Code: CJS 207

Academic Year: 2022-2023

Inclusive Community Practices is an approach to supporting and servicing people by respecting their unique needs and challenges, giving them full access to resources, while promoting equitable treatment and working to eliminate all forms of discrimination. People with unique social, emotional, or learning needs and challenges are often poorly serviced or overlooked in the justice and correctional systems, yet their visible and invisible challenges often contribute to their criminalization. This course focuses on the assessment, treatment and management of people with special needs who have been currently or formerly incarcerated, on probation or parole, or may be at risk of becoming involved in the justice and correctional systems. Specific areas of study include such unique needs as mental health conditions, substance abuse, learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, LGBTQ+, conditions related to the aging process, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and those who sexually harm. The course will consider the impact of intersectionality in how overlapping identities, experiences, and special challenges can further impact discrimination and oppression and interfere or prevent inclusive practice.