Internship 1

Course Code: CYC 154

Academic Year: 2022-2023

Internship will provide opportunities for CYC students to work from a developmental and ecological perspective, to assess and respond to the strength and diverse social, emotional and behavioral needs of children, youth and families, and to maintain an anti-oppression and anti-racism perspective in their work. Students will plan, implement, and evaluate evidence-based and strength-based interventions in the areas of therapeutic milieu and programming, teamwork and advocacy. This occurs through a work-integrated learning model, wherein students either engage in practical projects linking authentic experiences, in-person experiences, or remote work experiences. The development of the introductory skills assessed in this course will support students to fully and successfully engage in their internship or project experience as active, self-aware, developing Child and Youth Care Practitioners. The student experience is supported and guided by an experienced Child and Youth Care Practitioner, through the co-requisite course, Integrated Seminar.