Applied Fashion Management Project

Course Code: FASH 4502

Academic Year: 2021-2022

This capstone course provides an opportunity for a synthesis of the theory, concepts and skills addressed during the Fashion Management program. Through an interactive computer-based simulation, student teams will draw on their knowledge to manage fashion businesses in a competitive environment. They will analyze the vision, mission, goals and objectives of their companies and manage all aspects of the business throughout a six-quarter simulation. They will be challenged to find workable and defensible solutions to problems. This will challenge their knowledge, skills and management abilities. Students will also develop a strategic business plan for a retail fashion business from concept to implementation. This will require them to apply relevant information from prior courses to develop management, marketing, operations, finance, human resources and merchandise strategies to the development of a successful fashion business. In addition, this project will require significant quantitative and qualitative research to determine key marketing components and long term viability of the business. This project will culminate in a formal group presentation to a panel of industry and academic leaders who will evaluate the mastery of the skills required by the fashion industry and the application of those skills to an applied project.