Risk Management and Insurance

Course Code: FIN 5009

Academic Year: 2022-2023

Students examine the fundamentals of risk management, including the concept of insurable risk, the application of insurance in the risk management process and other risk management strategies. Students study the components of insurance contracts and review public health insurance and private medical plans. Students acquire general knowledge of automobile and homeowner insurance as well as the various government sponsored benefit plans. They also examine the fundamentals of the life and health insurance industry in Canada and the types of insurance products available to meet the needs of the Canadian consumer. Students review the overall industry and the intersection of fundamental elements of the law and insurance. Students conduct insurance needs assessment and review the application process as well as the basics of product pricing. A detailed examination of the types of life and health insurance, group benefit plans, government programs and their impact on a customer's financial security contributes to the student's skill in articulating the options available to consumers.