Frame By Frame 2

Course Code: FMTV 152

Academic Year: 2021-2022

This course follows Frame By Frame 1 and is designed to give students an appreciation and critical understanding of the language and grammar of "moving-images" as it applies to student filmmakers. Through a range of examples, students are introduced to a variety of terms, concepts and ideas in order to build a framework within which they may develop their own personal visions as makers of moving images. This is a course that exposes students to film history, film esthetics and film analysis in order to enhance their abilities as film and video makers. This semester focuses on four areas of filmmaking: documentary, Canadian filmmakers, short films and experimental. Students look at many of the elements of filmmaking, such as theme, story, cinematography, sound design and montage, in order to isolate the power of each and learn from others to articulate their ideas and strengthen their own work. As a practical application, each student meets individually with the instructor to present his or her vision and level of preparedness as a director of the personal media project.