Sound Recording Workshop 1

Course Code: FMTV 218

Academic Year: 2021-2022

This course is designed to explore the art and craft of sound recording, sound editing and sound mixing and the role that each discipline plays in documentary filmmaking. Through in-class exercises and individual and group projects, students develop skills as sound recordists, boom operators, sound editors and sound mixers. Students study sync sound recording, sound editing and mixing. Students record, edit and mix the sound for a short group documentary. Students follow the workflow from pre-production, production and post-production to the deliverables stage. Special emphasis is placed on pre-production planning; technical specs, including formats and naming protocols; and the relationship between the picture post and sound post departments. Industry standards will be introduced and adhered to. Students will learn Pro Tools non-linear sound editing software. Students will study the practices and techniques of Audio Post-Production for documentary: dialogue, sound effect and music editing and mixing.