Independent Production Co-ordination 2

Course Code: FMTV 351

Academic Year: 2021-2022

This course continues with the co-ordination of all third-year student projects with a focus on the post-production, marketing, distribution and promotion of student productions. Students continue to research and develop a marketing and distribution strategy for each of the projects. Particular importance is placed on the completion of marketing materials, such as press materials, websites and promotional trailers. Students also demonstrate and assess their own and others' technical, creative, interpersonal and problem-solving skills while participating in the completion of the post- production phases of each of these projects, leading up to the Gala Screening Event. Communication skills are emphasized during rough cut screenings as students are required to participate in the evaluation of peer work. Students apply professional standards of behaviour and practice to their multidisciplinary work. Students are required to complete a personal marketing package consisting of either demo reels and/or portfolios of their work and to develop personal career plans.