Course Code: GDES 353

Academic Year: 2020-2021

Following the successful completion of all of the program courses, students will be supported in the securement of a 140-160 hour placement (4 weeks) in the advertising and communication design industry. The internship period is commonly an unpaid placement. Most internships are served in the four months following the completion of the final semester of classes. Students are encouraged and expected to research industry targets, cultivate contacts, interview for and secure their own internship with the support of the instructor and the Humber Co-op website ( Internship class will be held the first two weeks of the semester to outline and launch the search and application process. After this time, students will meet with their internship instructor in small groups or on an individual basis to gain the support needed to secure their placement. The course credits are granted on evidence of the successful completion of 160 hours of internship and once a student has updated his or her information on the website. Any request to complete the internship later than the end of August requires the permission of the coordinator and an additional course fee.