Citizen Science and Critical Thinking

Course Code: GGRN 150

Academic Year: 2021-2022

A basic understanding of science is necessary in order to address the global environmental and human health challenges of this century. In this course, students will learn basic science as context for critical readings and small group discussions, through which they will develop a sense of empowerment to contribute their voices in public discourses where inequalities of power persist. They will explore the nature of science including the issues of unstable scientific contexts and the discourses of denial. Important distinctions will be made between utilitarian, technical, and emancipatory purposes for science. Students will develop an understanding of their important role as citizen scientists to think critically about increasingly complex and contentious socio-scientific issues around the climate crisis, sustainability, food, water, and energy. Students will be encouraged to question portrayals of science in schools and in media that mislead us to believe science is static and just for the few.