Modern Canadian History

Course Code: GHST 101

Academic Year: 2021-2022

This historically focused interdisciplinary course will explore some of the core issues in Canadian history. It introduces students to key events, groups, and transformations from Confederation to the present times by concentrating primarily on the development and changes in the post-WW II period. Students will better analyze and interpret the many ways the past weighs on the present and future. Canada is already well into the 21st century and will explore the recent historical times inclusive of the global financial crises, pandemics, and changing power relations internationally. Domestically, the course will explore the continuation of the Truth and Reconciliation process involving Canada's indigenous populations; conflicting regional priorities such as the desire to develop our resource based economy with desire for a more environmentally safe and sustainable future based on building on our strengths in research, technology, and communications. Students' analytical and writing abilities will be strengthened in this course.