Literature and Film: Adaptations

Course Code: GLIT 220

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course will challenge the widely held view of adaptation as a) a relatively recent phenomenon involving b) typically the adaptation of a novel into a film resulting in c) a degraded copy of the original. Instead, it will look at adaptation in its widest sense, adopting the broad definition proposed by Hutcheon (2006): "an extended, deliberate, announced revisitation of a particular work of art." The selection of source texts will, therefore, be broad and varied and include poems by such writers as Yeats and Auden; novels by Shelley, Burgess, and Carroll, films directed by Kubrick and Burton as well as paintings, short stories, and electronic media. We will explore adaptation between and among different genres, media, and historical periods and consider the relationship between adaptation and translation, allusion, parody and between adaptations and what have been called "expansions"-- prequels and sequels, fan zines, and fan fiction.