Stand-up Comedy 3

Course Code: HCCC 215

Academic Year: 2020-2021

At this level, students look at the more ethereal elements that make for a unique branding of their own stand-up comedy. The process of finding their own comedic voice takes a more inward path as they learn the art of Le Jeu in order to further their abilities on stage. This challenge requires that the students participate in many classroom activities and coaching sessions that cause them to engage in significant levels of self-reflection. Students develop the necessary skills to transform the self-knowledge gained in all levels of these courses into the material for stand-up comedy routines. Techniques of Comedia Dell'Arte, clowning principles, mask work and mime combine to expand the students' knowledge of their capabilities outside of the traditional stand-up comedy realm. Traditional, polished stand-up routines are the goal and are performed in class and delivered in public forums. The principle thrust of the course is creating commercial stand-up comedy while exploring numerous traditional, inter-related skills that contribute to that goal.