Effective Leadership and Human Resources

Course Code: HRT 218

Academic Year: 2023-2024

Human Resource Management (HRM) is an integrated set of processes, programs and systems in an organization that focuses on effective deployment and development of its employees. In this course, students will learn the importance of understanding various approaches to leadership and how these are intrinsically linked to the HR practices in any organization. The course explores human resource challenges and processes, including employment legislation, discrimination, harassment, as well as management strategies in staff planning and selection, orientation, etc. Students will compare and contrast the various traits, behaviours and attributes of supervisors, managers and leaders and analyze decision-making, motivation, followership and conflict resolution skills and their role in creating an effective leadership team. The course will also introduce students to empowerment, performance management, and appraisal strategies, the processes of corrective action and termination and the management of union relationships.